Improve Pedigree Design

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The pedigree designs in Hutch could use some modernization, on the web view, in apps, and when printing. With the new pedigree designs, Hutch customers will be able to:

- Customize the colors shown on pedigrees
- Customize the border style of pedigree cards
- Customize which fields show on pedigrees
- View up to 7 generations on the web pedigree at a time (printed pedigrees will still be limited to 4 generations, due to paper constraints)
- Improved pedigree printing options with better design that also reduces ink consumption
- Make Hutch branding less prominent (not in the vertical center of the pedigree)
- Improve overall style and user interface

Done Pedigrees Suggested by: Hutch Admin Upvoted: 06 Dec, '23 Comments: 10

Comments: 10