See Age/Class of Rabbits for Future Dates

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I’d like to be able to input a future date and then be told what age the rabbits will be, and if the rabbits will be pre-juniors, juniors, intermediates, and seniors on that date (according to the 4-class or 6-class in breed standard). This would be useful for sales, lining up future processing, and for showing. I’m currently using a spreadsheet to track it, but having it in Everbreed would be so helpful. If I have a show two months from now, who can I choose from for each class that is of the correct age? This could go hand in hand with the showing tools already on your improvement list. But it would also be nice to line up processing or set up sale dates based on future rabbit ages as well. I know I can already sort by age and do the math, but it would be so much easier to see them in categories. Could also include weight requirements to warn if a rabbit needs to be moved up a class due to being overweight for that class (again, from ARBA standard).

Under consideration Litters Suggested by: Stephanie Lewis Upvoted: 24 Dec, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2