Update Reports Section

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The reports section used to be one of my very favorites, but now that i have so many breeders it is essentially useless to me. See photo, I have 51 active does and I can only see history of gestation days for five does. This information is super valuable for me, if I can access it. I understand that space is limited on the report screen, if we could click and open it up that would be helpful, but even more so than that I think a lot of this information could be on an individual breeder's page under "History" or such, so we could see all their stats, including what day they usually kindle on, how many kits they average, sex ratios of those kits, how many kits were retained as breeders, how many were sold or butchered etc.

Done Reports Suggested by: Christi Clyde Upvoted: 11 Sep, '22 Comments: 12

Comments: 12