Adding a Birth Certificate Option

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I have been constantly trying to figure out how to retrieve a Birth Certificate for my purchased bunnies through Everbreed. I’m finding myself confused as to why Everbreed doesn’t offer this simple feature for us users.
I only use BC for my pet buyers because as a registered ARBA show breeder we don’t hand out our pedigrees & lines to our pet buyers/breeders, but we do give them a BC for them to have for their documentation & info of their pet bunny.
This has been a feature we constantly use with our Evans software & I believe it is very important to the rabbit show world community as most of us don’t offer our pedigrees to non educated breeders that don’t follow the SOP.
Our pedigrees serves as a breeding right & we don’t want our lines that we have worked so hard on to be incorrectly used & not bred to the standards.

We would really hope this simple feature can be added ASAP.
Thank you!

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Comments: 9