Weaned report

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Tracking of doe litter weight at weaning. The idea here is to correlate the kit size (number of kits) to weight ratio for the doe at the time of weaning.
This would be useful in determining the does health and performance.

For example.
Doe A weans 4 kits at 31 days - Total weight 2590 Ave: 647.5 *Gdg: 20.88
Doe B weans 4 kits at 31 days - Total weight 3176 Ave: 794 Gdg: 25.61

*GDG=Gross daily gain. (total weight / # of kits / wean days)
In the above example Doe B would be the better choice to keep as a breeder.

What I would be looking for is a strong doe that can raise 6 kits in 31 days where the GDG is between 22g-28g aka 150g-200g per week.

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Comments: 0