Set default value of "Show Rows" drop down

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It would be really useful to be able to set a default number of rows to dislay in each of the "Breeders", "Litters" and Schedule" screens. The current default setting of 10 is very frustrating, as we have 53 active does, and plan to expand soon.

Ideally one would be able (for instance on the "Settings" screen), to be able to set the preferred default of each of the 3 views. For example, in my "Schedule" view, I would like to have 25 rows displayed, whereas in my "Breeders" view, I would like to display 100 rows for quick access. In the "Litters" view, I would like to set a different value as default.

Of course my own preferred default values may change over time, and this feature will allow me to go to the "Settings" to change my default values.

Under consideration Breeders Litters Schedule Suggested by: Anton Upvoted: 29 Mar Comments: 0

Comments: 0