Create custom breeds

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Allow users to generate custom default breeds and/or add breeds to their drop-down lists. I breed velveteen lops and have to manually type the breed on every animal. It would be nice if this breed were either already in the drop down, or something I could add to my drop-downs.

For people creating their own breeds, this features would allow them to categorize their rabbits as "F1 Reza" or whatever they need, without typing it in every time. This would also allow meat breeders who consistently produce mixes to set their rabbits to "Flemish/Rex mix" or other custom breed mixes.

Lastly, this would allow people to change the "breed" to any other species they may breed on the app, like mice, rats, or hamsters.

Under consideration Breeders Reports Suggested by: Sophus Upvoted: 24 Feb Comments: 2

Comments: 2